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Please note that I needed to quickly migrate the RS2 web pages from HostGator due to their recent steep rate increase. http://www.rs2fly.com now gets forwarded to https://trouthound.github.io. GitHub provides some basic web page hosting for free. I've kept all of the original contents--some of it in the form of screenshots. In the future I'll make the pages look more attractive. The original RS2 Home Page was posted on the Internet in 1998. This is the fourth time it had to be moved over the years.

The tying videos below show Rim Chung, the originator of the RS2 tying his flies. His newer fly, the Avatar, has been thoroughly tested for over 10 years. It is similar to the RS2, but has no tail and is tied on a curved hook. Rim provided commentary in the videos while tying his flies.

Video of Rim tying the RS2 - ( short version )
Video of Rim tying the RS2 - ( long version )
Video of Rim tying his Avatar Fly
Photos of RS2's in various colors and from various angles from a Google Photos Album--all tied by Rim Chung.

Photos of the tying steps for the RS2 can be found here.

PDF with more detailed comments along with photos can be found here.

Screen shots of the original tying page with more detailed comments can be found here.

Rim experiments with other fly designs periodically, which he fishes as his second fly in a two fly rig. One of them is called the plebby which can be found here.

Some pictures I took of Rim Chung over the years from a Google Photos Album can be found here.

More information about the RS2 and Rim Chung can be found in the blogs.

There have been countless articles, book mentions, YouTube videos, blog entries about the RS2 and/or Rim Chung. Below are a just a few:

Chung’s RS-II a fishing pearl
The RS2 and its Many Variations - Fly Tyer
The RS II: A Mayfly Emerger That Has Stood the Test of Time

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